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Pontoon Trailer Extras

Please contact us with any questions regarding trailer extras.

Swing Tongue (22")

Swing tongue for trailers without brakes - $199

Swing tongue for trailers with brakes (not available on HD trailers) - $259

Stern extension

A stern extension is for pontoon boats with longer transoms (middle pontoon).  Stern extensions help support the engine pod and fuel tank. They are needed while traveling because the engine/fuel weighs so much that the bouncing and vibration loosens the engine pod.  Some pontoons that may need this are certain models of Bennington, Avalon, and Manitou. - $215

Aluminum wheels

13" Aluminum wheel upgrade - $85/per wheel

14" Aluminum wheel upgrade - $95/per wheel

2-5/16" coupler upgrade

Standard is 2" coupler except on Triple Axle trailers.  Upgrade to 2-5/16" coupler - $139

Dress up kit

Aluminum treaded diamond plate on high traffic areas - $189

Bolt on transom straps

Bolt on transom straps for securing the back of the boat to the trailer - $85/pair

10ft wide extension kit

This kit is necessary for those who have a pontoon, that unlike most pontoons which are 8ft or 8ft 6in wide, have a 10ft wide pontoon. These are extension pieces that are added to the frame during manufacturing that allows us to adjust the bunks accordingly to accommodate your wider pontoon. This kit can only be purchased with your new trailer and cannot be added on later. - $359 for tandem axle. $379 for triple axle.

Electric brakes

Electric brakes receive power from the tow vehicle's brake lights into a controller. The trailer brakes are activated by a separate circuit through a plug and socket. This allows the brakes to work automatically whenever the tow vehicle's brakes are applied. Properly adjusted controllers can allow tow vehicle and trailer to come to a stop as smoothly as if the tow vehicle was by itself. - $325

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