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Return Policy

At, we do our utmost to take care of our customers. If you receive a damaged item, please follow the following procedure to allow us to serve you in the most effective and efficient manner: Step 1: Contact us immediately. Damage claims after 14 days may not be honored due to company shipping limitations. Claims beyond the 14 day time frame are subject to rejection or restocking fees, at our discretion. NOTE: For any required return, we will issue a return authorization. Do not return an item without this authorization, as no shipments are accepted at our facility without a return authorization number. Step 2: Keep all original boxes. Some damaged items will require return to Restore Pontoon or one of our manufacturing vendors. Step 3: Please take a photo (digital is best) of: 1) the label on the shipping box; 2) the box itself (showing damages); and 3) the product itself (showing any damage). These photos are a VITAL part of the process and MUST be provided in order to process a claim. Step 4: Contact our warranty department at with the following information: • Photos of damages including: • label on box; • box damage; and • product damage. Feel free to send several views of each, if needed. Again, photos are VITAL and must be provided in order to process claims. • Customer name • Order number • Item description and part number • Tracking number, as provided by Restore Pontoon • Description of damages in as much detail as possible: • Box damage; • Product damage. Is there damage to an entire order or only one component? For example: "Seat back has tear in side from freight damage (shown in picture). Seat base and cushion are fine.” Optional Mailing Instructions: If you are unable or do not wish to e-mail photos and information, you can mail all of the above to: Coastline, Inc. Damages / Warranty 1923 N. Home St Mishawaka, IN 46545 Timing: Mailing photos and information will delay the processing of your claim. If possible, please use e-mail for faster service. Once your claim is received, processed, and reviewed, we will contact you. Please allow up to 3 business days for this process. We will strive to ship replacement items in 5-10 working days. Please follow the steps above as closely as possible to help us process and resolve your damage issue as quickly as possible. Just a reminder, please send your photos!